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Who Needs 'Stonks' When You Can Invest in... LeBron James' Game-Worn Shoes?!

LeBron James Game-Worn Nike Air Zoom Generation

If you're a sneakerhead who's sick of 'stonks' and cooled off on crypto, Collectable – an app that bills itself as the '#1 fractional investment platform for sports' – might have just the thing for you. The brand is offering an IPO on a game-worn pair of LeBron James shoes – namely a Nike Air Zoom Generation that he wore in at least three games during his rookie season with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The kicks were photo matched to three games in November and December 2003 by Meigray, a leading NBA authentication service. LeBron certainly put 'em through the ringer too, as the toe cap is scuffed up and the supple leather toebox boasts prominent creases, a sure sign of hard-fought contests.

Collectable has valued these game-worn Air Zoom Generations at $450,000 and will offer 'shares' of the shoe to prospective buyers for $5 each. Later, if Collectable is offered a higher price for the shoe, they'll let their shareholders vote on the sale – and if the vote is affirmative, the shoes will be sold and payouts will be made to everyone who chipped in on its IPO. This entire process (investing, voting, selling) is all handled directly through Collectable's app, which is available for iOS and Android devices, and these King James kicks will become available for investment at 8PM ET on December 12.

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