Nike Dunk Low ‘Free 99’ Pack
Nike Dunk Low ‘Free 99’ Pack
Nike Dunk Low ‘Free 99’ Pack

Leaked: Nike Dunk Low ‘Free 99’ Pack

We’ve already been smashed with rumours about an insane 2021 Dunk lineup from Nike, and it seems like they’re just going to keep on coming. The latest news is that we will also be receiving a ‘Free 99’ pack that is rumoured to be dropping next year.

It’s said that each shoe will be constructed of suede, featuring a furry lining, and every pair will rock mismatched colours. No official word or photos of the shoes have surfaced as of yet, but we’ve got some mockups via py_rates_.

Said to release sometime in 2021, we’ll keep you updated when something more official pops up.

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