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Le Coq Sportif Archive Exhibition @ Crepe City Recap

Le Coq Sportif has a legendary archive of runners that are still being reissued regularly, but there are a bunch of collectors out there who still fiend after OGs. Prince Jamal is one of the greats in the game, he's a lover of alternative runners – he's got a no Swoosh and Three Stripes policy – and he has a very impressive Le Coq collection. The German sneakerhead brought some of his finest retro pairs to London recently to help celebrate Crepe City's fifth anniversary, and he also sat in on a Q&A session. You can watch the video of that chat with Le Coq's business development manager Marc Chamberlain and Crepe City's Kish Kash below, and peep the pics from the showing of Jamal's stash above.


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