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LC23 Armchair sneakers
LC23 Armchair sneakers
LC23 Armchair sneakers

LC23’s New Armchair is Customisable with Sneakers

Italian fashion label LC23 have taken a step off the street into the lounge room, designing a brand new armchair that’s customisable with bellows pockets… and sneakers! Fitted with ‘feet’ down below, the armchair can be decorated with any pairs you want, creating a stylish, quirky piece for any room. 

The armchair is Made in Italy, constructed with Polartec fabric, and features removable feet and pockets. The feet are made of linden wood, hand-carved by a local skilled craftsman, while the bellows pockets are removable with clips. Together with the chair, two colour variants will be delivered for each of the four pockets, so you can change the configuration to match the sneakers, or go for a mismatched look.

Unfortunately, the shoes pictured will not come with the armchair.

At present, LC23 say that the availability of the armchair will depend on the fabrics used. They predict only 10 pieces will be able to be made as a result. If you fancy one, be sure to get in quick, and head to the LC23 webstore to pre-order yours.

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