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LaVar Seeks to End Trump Feud by Gifting BBB Shoes

Lavar Ball Trump Sneaker Freaker

Just when we thought we were enjoying a much-needed breather from news, the middle child of the BBB bunch was caught in a diplomatic storm in a teacup. LiAngelo Ball is in trouble for allegedly stealing sunglasses from Hangzhou's Louis Vuitton store, earning the UCLA basketballer indefinite suspension from team training and games.

While reports have it that LiAngelo's antics would never have actually landed him in a Chinese jail, by now you've probably read Donald Trump's 3am Twitter critiques of parenting skills.

Even for a dad who's as a big a baller as LaVar, it's got to be pretty jarring to have the POTUS repeatedly inserting himself into your family affairs. However, LaVar remains unfazed and – predictably – he's used the whole ordeal to promote Lonzo's newly released . Speaking to TMZ paps, Lavar revealed how he's going to end this tussle with Trump:

'I’m going to send Trump some ZO2s. We just got them out, man, we putting them on flight today, today is the 24th, and I said we’re shipping out ZO2s. You know what, I got to ship some to Trump so he can calm down a little bit. Them ZO2s is coming for you Trump. Remember you put them on, you're going to ease up a little bit.'

Can the blacked-out ZO2 Prime Remix really cure Trump of his love for late-night fights on that white? From what we know about these two larger-than-life personalities, it's unlikely that the feud will end here. Considering Trump and Lavar are former WWE participants, it'd be interesting to see this settled once and for all in the wrestling ring.

If you believe there's some secret calming agent hidden inside that lightweight ZO2 sole (perhaps explaining Lonzo's sleepy performance on court), the pricey model's available now at Big Baller Brand's online store.

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