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LaVar Ball's Signature Sneaker Will Cost $1500

LaVar Ball has issued a new proclamation. It’s not as wild as his assertion that he could have beat Jordan one-on-one – but it’s still pretty crazy. In a recent Q&A, Ball was asked when he was bringing out his own Big Baller Brand sneaker. He couldn’t provide an exact date, but he did have this to say:

‘How about I give you the name of the shoe?’ he said, before presumably making one up on the spot. ‘The LaVariccis!’

LaVar also had a tip for anyone keen on a signature from the Ball ringleader: ‘Make sure you save your money, because they’re going to be $1500 – or more. Because I’m going to design them and they’re going to be fly.’

Is he serious? It’s hard to know with Ball. Melo’s sneaker dropping $100 from the price of Lonzo’s seemed like a move in the right direction for the brand, but there’s every chance LaVar will see more worth in his own signature. As for Ball designing them himself – let’s hope it’s not a straight rip of a competitor like the MB1s were.

You can view the announcement through TMZ here.

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