LaserShip Nike Sneaker Theft
LaserShip Nike Sneaker Theft
LaserShip Nike Sneaker Theft

LaserShip Warehouse Manager Charged with Felony Larceny For Stealing 'Special' Nike Sneakers

In this week's edition of 'the sneaker game is f*cked up and unfair' news, a LaserShip warehouse manager in Charlotte, NC has been charged with felony larceny for stealing at least 11 pairs of Nike and Jordan Brand sneakers. According to a report from Charlotte-based news station WSOC-TV, warehouse manager Jarvas Foster has been charged with taking the kicks after LaserShip conducted an internal investigation and notified police that they have video evidence from two different sources to back up their accusation, leading to the charges. Foster is believed to have had at least one accomplice as well.

WSOC-TV reporter Jason Stoogenke has been looking into repeated customer complaints regarding LaserShip – a regional last-mile delivery company that other shipping outfits hand packages off to for final delivery – since September 2021, and quickly discovered a pattern during his investigation: most of the missing packages were sneakers. Stoogenke talked to at least 40 customers who said they never received their Nike or Jordan Brand packages from LaserShip.

28 of those 40 customers said they ordered 'special' Nikes, and one unfortunate customer by the name of Simion Hollins even said that he ordered four (!) pairs of shoes that were mailed via LaserShip and none of them showed up. Talk about taking a big fat L! 'That’s extremely frustrating, not getting [your items],' Hollins said. 'But what’s more frustrating is expecting not to get it. That’s a whole different type of frustration.' There is a silver lining, however: some of the customers got their money back from Nike.

At the time of writing, Foster's trial date has yet to be set. However, as the case unfolds there's likely to be much more news regarding the missing packages and a possible network of employees who were pilfering them. The WSOC-TV article reports that 'thousands' of customers complained about not receiving their packages, meaning that the missing Nikes and Jordan Brand kicks may just be the tip of a very large iceberg.

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