Lacoste L001 L002
Lacoste L001 L002
Lacoste L001 L002

The Lacoste L001 and L002 Unlock the Unique in All of Us

Since 1933, Lacoste have pushed the paradigm of what it means to be the best. While this mindset originated in an athletic sense with innovations like polo shirts and racquet redesigns, the ‘Croco’ brand’s latest boundary break goes beyond the painted lines of the tennis court.

The latest L001 and L002 sneakers were created from a desire to see different social groups collide, giving rise to new cultures. It’s a necessary clash, especially for the newest generation of the internet age, who achieve cultural connectivity in real and virtual worlds. Here’s how the next wave of torchbearers can be unique but united – all thanks to a common Lacoste link.,

Indonesia’s @andiniajengg introduces the L002 to a new streetwear realm as an essential everyday piece.

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Down in Australia, @imoxlee starts with a clean slate on the L001, connecting him to the world where he’ll create his next online hit.

Around town, @unicewani chooses the L002’s contemporary silhouette as a complementary component of her relaxed off-runway look while maintaining that Croco chic.

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The L001 puts wearers on a collision course with creativity, as shown by @kerwinking, who finds his ‘lightbulb’ moment in a city setting.

Similarly, the same model helps @aljames step into a different musical realm, finding the perfect beat to begin his next tune.

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Visit your nearest Lacoste store and experience the L001 and L002 for yourself.

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