Lacer Af1 Hat Wht 2
Lacer Af1 Hat Wht 6
Lacer Af1 Hat Wht 5
Lacer Af1 Hat Wht 4
Lacer Af1 Hat Wht 3
Lacer Af1 Hat Wht 1
Lacer Af1 Hat Blk 5
Lacer Af1 Hat Blk 4
Lacer Af1 Hat Blk 3
Lacer Af1 Hat Blk 2
Lacer Af1 Hat Blk 1

Lacer Elite Headwear (Lacer Sole Force Snapbacks)

Today we present you the latest delivery from Lacer Headwear's new 'Elite' division, the Lacer Sole Force snapback line. Again combining the best of sneakers and headwear into one original product, Lacer introduce a special new textured 'under-bill' design to complement the signature laced-up front panel. This fresh pack is all about the Nike Air Force One, the AF1 outsole is reproduced and affixed under the bill, with silky smooth satin lining supplying some of luxury vibes you feel when you slip on a pair of Ones. The first drop will be available in both black and white variations, with additional colours to come in the near future. Check out the full Lacer Headwear collection and all the happenings from the 'Elite' line now via the Lacer Headwear web page.

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