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Kswiss Ariake Website 1
Kswiss Ariake Website 1
Kswiss Ariake Website 1

Kswiss Ariake Website

The site – www.kswissfreerunning.com – is part of the global launch for K-Swiss Free Running sneaker, Ariake. Sébastien Foucan was personally involved in the creation of the website, which sees the James Bond star exclusively demonstrate his gravity-defying athletic skills across giant letters of the alphabet. On landing at the site visitors are prompted to type a personal message.  Each letter then becomes an assault course for Foucan to perform on.  Foucan was filmed performing moves across life size models of every letter of the alphabet from A to Z, plus a closing frame.

Foucan helped design the letter heights so that he could perform without post production tricks to undermine the two-day intensive shoot.  The letter “T” for example is four metres high and Foucan performed many of his moves in one take. The K-Swiss site is a contrast to traditional images of Free Running’s Parkour roots, which usually focus on raw urban street scenes.  Perfect Fools’ site is deliberately clean, minimalist and controlled.  In an unusual departure Foucan is seen leaping letters and hopping over personalised messages in an almost clinical studio environment, which still respects the sport’s heritage.

The site complements a European and USA marketing campaign that includes a 30-second TV commercial (hosted on the site), plus print ads for style and fashion media. In addition to the interactive element that visitors create from the homepage, the site features a profile of Foucan, plus the K-Swiss TV ad and a behind the scenes ‘making of’ film that includes exclusive footage of Foucan’s involvement in the ad’s creation. Downloads and wallpapers complement a competition entry mechanic to win a pair of Ariake sneakers.

Patrick Gardner, Perfect Fools’ co-founder and account lead for the campaign, said:  “Sébastien Foucan is a consummate professional athlete. Every shot filmed for the website was planned to perfection in real time.  The result is an interactive site that draws users into the Free Running world and gives them exclusive content and insight. K-Swiss has a committed brand ambassador who has taken a personal interest in both the brand and the product.”

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