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Kobe Bryant Explains Why You Should Wear His New Sneaker

In this video, the Black Mamba unboxes his first post-retirement signature model and explains why kids should still wear Kobes. The video comes from Youtuber Jacques Slade who hits Bryant with the hard questions, like the which facets in particular he was responsible for on the shoe. Not missing a beat, Bryant points out the linear direction of the knit. ‘This implies great movement’ he says, proceeding to note that ‘it’s important that the design matches the technology itself.’

Naming the new shoe the Kobe A.D. rather than the Kobe 12 is also explained. The new direction accounts for the player after he has ‘passed away’ from the game. Although Bryant says ‘that player is done,’ he continues to state that kids would do well to stick with the shoe post-player because of the line’s uncompromising nature. Something that, if you’ve watched Kobe play, you’ll know to be integral to his character.

There’s a bunch more waxing on the shoe, and on how Kobe will be keeping himself busy, too – so sit back and enjoy the full interview.

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