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Kith Closes Flagship Stores to Serve as Voter Registration Hubs

kith store front
kith flagship

Leading sneaker and streetwear retailer Kith will close all their flagship stores for business on Friday, August 28. Each space will instead be used as a voter registration hub for the day, where staffers will be on-hand to help prospective voters with the process.

‘Voting is the most powerful act we can do collectively to implement change and overturn the injustices experienced too often in this country,’ says Kith.

If you’re in SoHo, Brooklyn, Los Angeles, or Miami, be sure to head down and become an ‘instrument for change’.

The sneaker industry has been steadfast in their response to ongoing social injustices, with brands and retailers using their powerful reach and influence to champion an awe-inspiring message of change.

An official response to the George Floyd riots from our founder Woody can be read here.

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