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05 Jul 2007

Industry News

Kickbars - Tha New Bling For Ya Kicks!


It takes a certain eye to understand the lure and power that diamonds possess. Even as a young boy, Robert B. Martin Jr. understood and appreciated the elegance of fine jewelry. For years, Robert would stealthily acquire jewelry from his mother’s hidden safe and adorn the laces on his very played-in shoes. His everyday shoes quickly became works of art, sophisticated and unique. Today, his creation is a brand new upscale accessory called KICKBARS.

KICKBARS are diamond-encrusted bars that brilliantly lace through shoelaces. This mechanism is patented as it is a revolution in modern jewelry design. The actual bar is made of 24K white gold and comes in a pave or invisible setting. Inside the bar lay gorgeous round cut diamonds. KICKBARS come in an array of colors such as: white, pink, black, green and yellow. In addition to diamonds, different gems may also be used. With regard to personal style and preference, KICKBARS are available in the following:

·  Jr. Kickbars - 24K white gold pave set -13 gm - 38 round cut diamonds - 1.5  carats
·  Kickbars - 24K white gold pave set - 18 gm - 54 round cut diamonds -  2.0 carats
·  Martin Kickbars –  customized for those who bling to the beat of their own drum

KICKBARS offers a new and innovative way to express style as well as individuality. Being upscale and fashionable has its price and KICKBARS starts theirs at $6,500. For more information or to order visit

05 Jul 2007

Industry News

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