Kerwin Frost
Kerwin Frost
Kerwin Frost

Kerwin Frost Reveals Tutti Frutti adidas Microbounce T1 Colab

NYC entertainer Kerwin Frost is continuing his series of cursed adidas collaborations by throwing down some crazy combinations on the criminally underrated Microbounce T1. As revealed on his Instagram page, the namesake cushioning units are no longer the most divisive component of this shoe. Instead, it’s the kaleidoscopic and rather saccharine palette choice that will be grabbing most attention on feeds and feet.

In a similar vein to 2021’s Forum collaborations, the Frost methodology is to incorporate as many colours as possible onto the shoes. Here, there's teal inserts, blue overlays, yellow stripes, red mudguards, green lining and yellow branding. Take a breath for a moment – then straight back into green lining, orange heel Microbounce pods and yellow forefoot ones. And that’s not all: plenty of materials and textures are on show too. There’s mesh, patent leather, embroidery, roughed-up cotton, and even some faux pony hair on the overlays.

It’s hard to say which of Frost’s Microbounce T1s are crazier. A little while back, he showed off a very fuzzy all-blue edition that was more stuffed toy than street trainer. In any case, there will undoubtedly be an official press rollout for these shoes, so stay tuned for that.

,Kerwin Frost adidas Microbounce T1
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