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16 Aug 2017


Kendall Jenner's adidas Originals Ad Is Getting Savaged

Kendal Jenner Adidas Commercial 2Kendal Jenner Adidas Commercial 2
Kendal Jenner Adidas Commercial 1

Kendall Jenner is having a rough time with commercials lately. Her Pepsi ad was definitely the most tone-deaf campaign of 2017, and she’s followed it with a clip for adidas Originals that’s also getting savaged.

The short clip posted to adidas Originals' Instagram page pitches Jenner as a ‘Venus reborn’. But the heavy stream of criticism in the comments hints people aren't picking up what adidas are putting down. Instead, the masses are going after the for using a model – and one seen as not super 'original' at that  – and for what's perceived as a relatively uninspired choice (the Kardashian/Jenner clan are everywhere, that can't be denied).

Many argue an athlete would have better suited the gig, or maybe a model whose journey has been a little less, well, easy. Comments such as, ‘All done with adidas. They sold out. I will never buy again,’ and ‘adidas, remember how her family got famous. Straight up bullshit,’ make up just some of the feed's vitriol. Some more level-headed responses include: ‘She’s doing her job, and that’s to model. Let athletes do their job and focus on sports.'

A twist comes via a second clip in which Jenner takes on da Vinci's the Vitruvian Man; the model lies splayed like the figure in the famous drawing before being besieged by pitchforks. Guess adidas expected the fallout of appointing Jenner as brand ambassador.

Team Trefoil has defended their choice, claiming Jenner's status as an influencer means she’s amply suited to rep the brand.

'A longtime fan of the brand, Kendall embodies the spirit of Adidas Originals as a creative force shaping the world today by challenging the status quo in her very own way. A classic icon, Kendall is a true Original and we welcome her to our family.'

16 Aug 2017


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