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Kawhi Leonard Loses 'Klaw' Logo Copyright Lawsuit Against Nike

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via LA Clippers
sneaker news

After months of back and forth, Kawhi Leonard has lost his lawsuit against Nike over the ‘Klaw’ logo.

According to TMZ Sports, the presiding judge has ruled that ‘Nike’s design is an “independent piece of intellectual property put together by its team of designers, and it is distinct from Leonard’s early sketch of the idea” ... meaning, Leonard doesn’t own it. So, the judge dismissed his complaint.’

According to Leonard, he came up with the OG Klaw design when he was in college (2009-11), and should have rights to it. However, Nike issued him a cease-and-desist back in 2018, stating their ownership of the copyright. In response, Nike countersued Leonard, on the grounds that their design was different from the rough sketch Leonard designed in 2011.

‘It’s not merely a derivative work of the sketch itself,’ said Judge Michael W. Mosman in his ruling. ‘I do find it to be new and significantly different from the design.’

After leaving Nike in 2018, Leonard signed a lucrative new deal with New Balance. He had represented Team Swoosh for seven years before the split.

‘Kawhi put his heart and soul into that design, so we are obviously disappointed the judge ruled the logo belongs to Nike and not Kawhi,’ said Leonard’s attorney, Peter R. Ginsberg.

‘We’re considering our options to protect Kawhi’s interests.’

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