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Kappa Omini-Potent Streetwear Collection is 'Like No Other'

Kappa’s northern-Italian flair is synonymous with sporting pitches and urban thoroughfares the world over, and the brand's latest streetwear collection is set to carry on that storied tradition.

With the iconic ‘Omini’ logo an omnipotent feature on every piece, these clean cuts will level-up any wardrobe, and complement any heat you choose to rock on your feet.

The ‘Omini’ stands for quality, humanity and authenticity, signifying the equality of men and women and their mutual support. So, naturally, Kappa has delivered pieces for both.

Quarter-zip pullovers and tees are ‘Like No Other’, sporting the bold statement proudly alongside intense logo hits. Meanwhile, classic reoccurring logo motifs dress the collection’s more classic offerings.

And, of course, there’s classic tracksuits packed with the timeless chic that’s kept Kappa at the fore since ’67. Mix and match, or go full-kit — you really can't go wrong!

You can tap into Kappa’s latest streetwear collection right now at Kappa retailers.

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