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Kanye Wants to be The Creative Director of adidas

Kanye West Creative Director Of Adidas

If mid-interview missives are anything to go by, is on the job hunt. Speaking with Hood By Air designer Shayne Oliver for Interview Magazine, Kanye mentioned that he wanted to take over as creative director of . ‘I’ve been fighting and struggling and arguing and talking and having conversation after conversation about being the creative director of adidas.’ He even went on to add, ‘It’s fucking obvious, right?’

While some won’t think so, we’re not against the idea. Think of it: Kanye has been instrumental in adidas’ come-up. His work with the brand has been described by a number of business analysts as providing a halo effect — a warm glow for the rest of adidas’ line-up — just at the time Team Trefoil’s cachet swelled to knock Jordan Brand from the number two spot. The downside would be that you can’t stop Kanye from doing Kanye, but we’re here for a less-anodyne brand environment — e.g. Imagine how funny Kanye’s anti-Nike ad campaigns would be.

Alas, adidas already has a long-time creative director. Paul Gaudio has held the position for four years and, given he’s worked for adidas for 15 years in total, they’re probably quite fond of him.

There are a number of creative positions open at adidas, though. If Kanye rates his skills in IT, art direction, language, and design apps (and has ‘Solid education and advanced experience in the creative development of communication tools’), then he might be able to finesse a role as ‘Senior Designer Global Brand Design — Creative Direction’. He can apply here.

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