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Kanye West vs Walmart: Yeezy Claps Back!

Yeezy Walmart Logo Dispute

Late last week we got word that Kanye West’s Yeezy brand was attempting to sue Walmart over the alleged sale of fake Foam Runners through the retailer’s eCommerce platform, but the legal conflict doesn’t stop there! Yeezy have lawyered up once again to respond to an already exisiting battle that the duo have over a trademark.

Beginning back in April this year, Yeezy LLC tried to file a trademark for a new logo created using ‘eight dotted lines, each comprising three totally shaded circles, with a total of 24 circles, arranged at equal angles as rays from a sun’. But Walmart had a problem with the new Yeezy logo, saying it looked too similar to their own, stating that they ‘will be damaged by registration of the mark’. They also stated that Yeezy’s use of the mark is ‘likely to cause confusion and lead to consumer deception’.

Clapping back at their opposition, Yeezy have issued a (rather brutal) response to Walmart’s customer confusion claims. They state that Walmart ‘certainly knows, as does the consuming public, that the last thing [Yeezy] wants to do is associate itself with [Walmart]’. Ye’s legal team has also said that Walmarts allegations that Yeezy is looking ‘to mislead consumers into mistakenly believing that the parties are associated or that [Yeezy’s] goods and services emanate from [Walmart are], simply put, absurd’.

Would you confuse the Walmart and Yeezy logo? We’ve pictured them both above with Walmart’s on the left and Yeezy’s on the right.

At the time of writing this, no one has won this whole trademark hullaballoo just yet. We’ll keep you updated if anything progresses.

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