Kanye West Expresses Desire to Price the Yeezy Foam Runner at $20

Originally unveiled at the Innovation Festival in late 2019, Kanye West’s Yeezy ,Foam Runner is arguably one of the mercurial designers most idiosyncratic silhouettes yet.

Recently appearing on The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Kanye West revealed a desire to price the Foam Runner at $20.

‘So for me, Im gonna make this shoe be $20,’ Kanye posited. ‘Money isnt real, so the world should eventually be free.’

Kanye also went on to describe his aversion to hype culture, and Yeezy’s place within it: ‘We talk about hype culture and shoes being sold on the resell market, and Yeezy lives in that place. But I dont love the idea that some of the reasons why people buy [Yeezys] is just for hype culture.’

What’s your view on the polarising Yeezy Foam Runner? For us, it’s a cosmic masterpiece.

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