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Kanye West Claims He’ll ‘Bring adidas and PUMA Back Together’

kanye west smiling

We know Kanye West doesn’t shy away from making a bold statement, but his latest Twitter exploits have certainly raised more than a few eyebrows. Declaring himself the ‘head of adidas’, Kanye says he wants to reunite adidas and PUMA, bringing to an end a legendary rivalry which was born over 70 years ago.

In the same Tweet, Kanye also not-so-subtly threw shade at the Big Cat, stating that PUMA’s designs are ‘embarrassingly trash’, and that he’d ‘personally design’ both brands and make ‘everything ok’ – whatever that means. He later Tweeted an apology.

We can’t see Kanye’s vision materialising anytime soon, but PUMA’s recent suggests they probably don’t need his help right now. Fun to contemplate the idea, though…

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