Kanye West Nike Apology 1
Kanye West Nike Apology 1
Kanye West Nike Apology 1

This is Why Kanye Left Nike

Recently, Kanye West sat with Charlamagne tha God for an eye-opening interview. Among many things discussed, Ye dived deep into his experiences collaborating with Nike and the eventual dissolution of their relationship.

Kanye expressed frustration over Nike's unwillingness to change, likening the Swoosh to Obama: 'perfect' but 'not really going to change anything'. He described his departure from Nike as 'heartbreaking', but explained that the decision was made because Nike refused to pay him royalties for the sales of his own shoe. Instead, according to Kanye, the brand wanted to pay some of the proceeds to a charity of his choosing.

Kanye also stated that Nike CEO Mark Parker was unwilling to get on the phone with him and that the people at Nike didn't understand why people liked Yeezys. By comparison, Kanye claimed to have the cell phone number for adidas' CEO, describing him as 'someone who allowed me to build something'.

However, not everything Kanye had to say about Nike was bad. He explained that he had respect for everyone at Nike, especially Phil Knight. He also apologised for speaking ill of Mark Parker 'because he gave me that shot when we did the original Yeezy at Nike'. Kanye also said that Parker helped 'turbocharge' him.

Apparently adidas wasn't the only brand Kanye was in talks with after leaving Nike; Yeezy claims that he also entertained an offer from PUMA. According to Kanye, 'the dude that didn’t sign me at Puma definitely needs to lose his job'. Ouch!

Check out the video below for the full interview.

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