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Kanye Dons Red Yeezy 2s For Reunion With Jesus

Kanye ThumbKanye Thumb
Kanye West Live Yeezy 2 Jesus

What shoes would you wear if you met Jesus? Kanye West did and he rocked the '. On the first stop of the Yeezus tour in Seattle last night, West climbed a massive man-made icy mountain, performed mainly in bejeweled masks, died, got resurrected and was told by a Christian Jesus look-alike that his mission was to 'show people the light, the light of truth and beauty'. Unfortunately, Jesus didn't again ask him 'What up Yeezus?' like last time they spoke. Check out some videos from the night below, including those bright Yeezys – speaking of, we're past half way through 'Red October' and we ain't heard jack about the rumoured release. Did we all take a Kanye lyric a little too seriously? Will they ever get a wider release or are they just for competition winners?

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