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Kanye Is the Highest Paid Person in Footwear (According to Kanye)

Kanye West Most Monewy In Footwear 1Kanye West Most Monewy In Footwear 1

has said some interesting things during his Twitter renaissance, but this might just be his most ridiculous: ‘...I make more money on shoes than Michael Jordan.’

The tweet arrived in a timeline onslaught during which he divulged information about Yeezy brand’s financial position, including that he hired a leading supply chain operator from Gap and that ‘Yeezy will hit a billion dollars this year’.

As per Ye, the is adidas’ most requested sneaker and the sold 250,000 pairs in one hour during Coachella weekend.

The tweets about units and demand are believable; the 500 was one of the most readily available Yeezys to date. But the MJ line has us wondering whether Kanye adopted the ‘reality distortion field’ of his idol, Steve Jobs. Michael Jordan, who Forbes report is worth $1.65 billion USD, last year. In 2014, Forbes placed Kanye at number 20 on their wealthiest celebrity list, and numerous gossip sites place Kanye’s net worth at around $200 million — which is to say that, even if these sites are grossly incorrect, the numbers don’t add up.

Our theory is that Kanye's looking at the gross income earned, not the revenue that'll slide into his back-pocket — but we’re hardly accountants, so we’ll stick to letting you know when the shoes release.

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