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17 Mar 2009

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K-Swiss K-Space

K Swiss K Space 1

K-Swiss are coming back in a big way with their simplistic clean cut 1966 Classic sneaker. Pushing the brand into the realm of celebrity, K-Swiss have enlisted a stellar roster of artists from ‘Gossip Girl’ bad boy Ed Westwick, model/tennis pro Anna Kournikova, tennis greats Tommy Haas, three-time Ironman champion Chris Lieto and singer/songwriter Adam Green. In order to utlise this cast of idols, K-Swiss have created K•Space - an expressive vacuum where a handful of today’s athletic and cultural elite can let down their hair and just be themselves. K•Space will also play host to an edgy group of emerging and established actors, dancers, athletes, musicians and DJs who will claim the space to tell their own authentic stories and tales.Check below for more details.

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While the 1966 Classic Original has always been a favorite focus of creative collaborations with top designers and artists, the 2009 Classic Remastered represents the most drastic evolution of the shoe since its introduction in 1966. Without touching the Classic Original’s signature elements – the stitched five strips, the D-Rings and reinforced toe – the series dramatically ‘remasters’ the shoe’s aesthetics by using an unpredictable array of premium leathers and materials and a sleeker urban profile. It’s the same timeless icon it’s always been, just reengineered for the times.

K•Space was designed to mimic the clean and understated aesthetic of the Classic Original itself. When viewed from above, K•Space is in fact a tennis court, with its undulating court lines functioning as set furniture. A timeless chamber well beyond the limelight of fame, K•Space encourages personal expression by eliminating the clutter and noise from the street. With the exception of a few relevant props, K•Space lets individuals be individuals, encouraging them to let down their guard and talk about themselves without inhibition.

Images above shot by celebrated photographer Zach Gold, the Pure Classic campaign captures the athletes and celebrities as they improvise the space.

17 Mar 2009

Industry News

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