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K-Swiss - Classics Campaign

Between 1966 and 1986 Californian sports brand K-Swiss sold a single shoe: The Classic. During that period, The Classic evolved from being the world’s most advanced shoe on the tennis court to being the first high-performance white leather sneaker to walk the streets of California – or anywhere else for that matter. Every other leather tennis shoe that followed was derived from The Classic. Forty-four years after its launch, K- Swiss is finally telling The Classic’s story.

The ‘You Gotta Know Your Classics’ campaign is, as far as these things go, a low-key affair. K-Swiss purposely avoided creating a tedious tome or overly designed catalogue, and instead worked with Amsterdam storytelling agency Lemon Scented Tea and a handful of highly credible international designers to visually narrate the story on the front and back of eight limited edition posters. The chapter names, like ‘Blond on Blond’ and ‘We Killed Canvas. Sorry’ provide historic and cultural context, while the designers were given free reign to interpret these themes however they liked. Each poster is a stand alone illustration, underscoring the lack of hierarchy in The Classics story. Only 400 copies of each poster have been printed. Throughout March K-Swiss will be giving away a limited number of posters each day at kspace.tv.

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