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K Space Presents Omega Bridge 5
K Space Presents Omega Bridge 5
K Space Presents Omega Bridge 5

K-Space Presents Omega Bridge

K-Space Amsterdam is proud to announce an exhibition of exclusive new works by celebrated artists Doze Green and Fefê Talavera titled ‘Omega Bridge’. This unique collaboration is inspired by the powerful mixed heritage and multi-ethnicities of the two artists and the bridge that brings their work together creating a common link to their ancestors. Doze being of Cuban, Haitian, Cherokee descent and Fefê from Mexican, Spanish, Gypsy, Indian descent.

Doze graced our shores last year with his live installation of wildstyle characters mixed in with metaphysical imagery, gaining fans down under with his easy going approachable demeanor. For the first time he teams up with Fefê Talavera, a cutting edge live artist who strays away from any cute imagery associated with being a female in the game, matching Doze stroke for stroke on canvas. Fefê joins Doze after a stint as her live feisty persona, ‘lil monsta’ on Missy Elliott’s most recent tour. The combination of the two is a jaw dropping, in your face, concoction not for the faint hearted. With so much history and cultural background melded together, this is definitely one exhibition not to miss.

K-Space Amsterdam is the cultural platform where K-Swiss connects and interacts with the artistic pulse of the city – from music, to art, design, fashion and visual arts. ‘Omega Bridge’ is the second art exhibition in K-Space following on from the first European exhibition of Japanese illustrator and manga artist Shintaro Kago. ‘Omega Bridge’ is presented in association with our good friends at 290 Square Meters

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