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Justin Timberlake Explains Meaning Behind His AJ3s

Air Jordan 3 Jth Release Date 1Air Jordan 3 Jth Release Date 1
Air Jordan 3 Jth Release Date 3
Air Jordan 3 Jth Release Date 2

Justin Timberlake’s drop next week on August 28. The unique Swoosh placement makes them a must-cop for heads, but, as JT tells it, they go deeper than aesthetics. Each sneaker has ‘Higher’ embossed on its medial upper, a nod to Timberlake’s song’ ‘Higher Higher’. The song is dedicated to his wife, though he says the message extends to everyone. ‘It’s really about the idea that no matter what we have in life, our relationships are the most important thing. Money, fame, success are all fleeting, whereas a real relationship will last for the long haul.’

You know what will also last the long haul? These. Because if you get them, you’ll probably lock them away for fear of tarnishing their beige suede. Take note of the calendar below and start scheming on how to get a pair.

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