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Jun Cha At Syndicated

Renowned for his mastery across a multitude of media, youngster Jun Cha (he's only 20 years old people!) has successfully bridged the new cycles of tattoo, street wear, lifestyle brands, visual art and entertainment culture under his distinct style and vision. Recognized for his signature aesthetic, employing his black and gray technique of intricately detailed photographic imagery, Cha performed his ink work directly from Syndicated Clothing's retail site.

Pioneering the next wave in Fine-Line, Black and Gray tattooing, Cha has established a strong reputation in the evolving skate, entertainment and street wear communities. Recently finishing a collaboration with The Hundreds, Cha maintains his rising prominence in tattoo, design, illustration and fine art. From skin, collector apparel, to canvas, the acclaimed prodigy will tour Belgium in January 2010 and will return to Los Angeles to continue collaborations with brands like the Hundreds and Circa this new year. Check out what went down instore at Syndicated.

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