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Juicy J Throws Out Red Yeezy 2s At Concert

Thumb Juicy J Red OctobersThumb Juicy J Red Octobers
Juicy J Red Octobers

What do you do when you pay $5,000 for a shoe and regret it? Pay it forward and give them to strangers, of course. We don't know if trippy male Juicy J regretted his purchase of the Red Yeezy, maybe he scored a free pair later, but he was all about giving the gifts at his New York show last night. He signed his bright pair of Red Octobers and threw them, one by one (to stop the resellers), into the animal pit below. There were a couple of scuffles, but it wasn't absolute madness. Watch the video below. Hopefully the lucky catchers have their one-of-ones displayed on their mantle pieces.

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