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Judge Judy Settles an $8800 Off-White x Air Jordan Scam

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We all hate scammers, but we love when they get caught. In a recent episode of Judge Judy, the famed justice laid the smackdown on an alleged wholesale scam involving $8800 USD worth of .

In the video below, Judge J is overseeing a case involving a woman who says she purchased 14 pairs of the coveted from a wholesaler with the intention of . The seller, however, argues he only received $6500, and that order was actually for 16 pairs (either way, the maths doesn’t really add up, and it’s never explained). The clincher: the plaintiff claims that the box she received - the one that was meant to contain 14 AJ1s – was actually filled with tissue paper.

If you picked up that the seller’s pricing was far below market value, kudos to you. He also claims he sourced the pairs from ‘Flight Kicks’ — a source that appears to be complete fugazi after a quick Google search. It all just doesn’t add up, literally and figuratively.

You can probably guess how it all turns out, but we’ll spare you any further spoilers.

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