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Check This Out: Los Angeles Jordan Hangar

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Jordan Brand makes so much gawddamn money it must be difficult to know what to do with it sometimes, but kudos to them for sometimes creating cool stuff with the cream instead of always slipping it in their already swollen pockets. These pictures show an incredible new basketball court in Lose Angeles, they're calling it the 'Jordan Hangar', so maybe they've taken over an old Boeing warehouse or somethin'. The location barely matters because people are gonna wanna travel to this, it's dope! It follows the opening of a similar project in New York, which featured ample Carmelo Anthony branding, but this seems to be on a much larger scale and is stamped with the Jordan insignias of Chris Paul and Blake Griffin. We don't know what they've got planned for the space yet, but we're guessing some events will go down and plenty of b-ball-loving kids will be invited to come through and do their thang. Pics via HSHS.

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