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Jordan Dwyane Wade 'dominate Another Day'

This is turning out to be one cracker of a week for epic videos... We just finished watching LeBron's 'Rise' and Kanye's 'Runaway' when the first installment of the new Jordan Brand campaign featuring Dwyane Wade, 'Dominate Another Day', dropped into our laps. It seems like each is trying to outdo the other, with this one looking more like Iron Man 3 than a basketball vid. Our hero 'D3' rips through the skies, while his sidekick (played by comedian Kevin Hart) drops the 411 on his allies and enemies... The King (fellow heater LeBron), The Snake Charmer (Kobe, the 'Black Mamba'), The Illusionists (Orlando Magic) and The Green Gang (Boston Celtics). We have no doubt that part 2 will be even bigger so stay tuned!

Jordan has also dropped this exclusive not-for-sale D3 iPad with custom etching and a badass briefcase. Mere mortals might never get their hands on one, so we'll just have to settle for these pics.,

Via HB.

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