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Jordan Brand Emojis Are Coming

It’s tough out here for Jordan fans trying to communicate with emojis. The standard emoticon keyboard will often leave you vainly trying to express enthusiasm via a brown brogue or vaguely ‘Chef’ Curry 2-looking motif. Needs have been partially met in the past thanks to a ‘Shoemoji’ selection from Footlocker and the Nike Mag emoji was a welcome gift from the Nike+ app, but notable Jumpman models have always been conspicuously absent.

Those days are almost over, though, as Jordan Brand has announced they’ll be releasing a Jordan-centric emoji keyboard. All your favourites have been called off the bench – there are ‘Shattered Backboards’, ‘Breds’, championship rings, goats and even DJ Khaled. Never again will you have to post your new Jays on Instagram with a dad shoe, mocked-up ‘23’ or a bread loaf emoji.

The Jordan Brand emoji keyboard is slated to release in November, we’ll keep you posted.


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