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Johnny Cupcakes Hits London

Johnny Cupcakes is ready to take over the UK with the opening of his smoking hot store next month. After killing it with sell out ranges in his Boston, LA and NY stores, Johnny is ready to go international with a brand new spot opening right in the heart of Carnaby Street. To commemorate the launch, Johnny has gone all out and created a cartoon to hype the celebrations: 'I thought it would be neat, different and obscure to hire an animator to work on this fun project. I didn’t see any other clothing brands goofing around at this level, as it does get costly and timely to do. Whereas an animation is not a tangible item that is profitable, I thought it could add value to the Johnny Cupcakes brand in other quirky, innovative ways. Even if it’s just providing smiles, laughter an memories. Plus I’ve always wanted a wacky cartoon.' If you happen to be in London on March 12th, make sure you get down to 10 Fouberts Place in Carnaby at 1pm.,

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