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Jimmy Fallon Brought Back A Sneaker-Clad Cast Of 'saved By The Bell'

Saved By The Bell ThumbSaved By The Bell Thumb

Jimmy Fallon, the only man in America that can do no wrong (mainly because his brand of his comedy is laaaaaaame and super G-rated), has brought back the cast of Saved By The Bell 22 years after its final episode and some dope sneakers came into play too.

Anyone younger than an Air Max 95 is going to struggle with references to things like Jessie's caffeine pill freakout (lol cafffeine pills), getting her areola out on Showgirls, or the subtle 'area code' hint at a future 90210 role, but the rest of the punchlines are universal.

Zach Morris (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) also comes correct with some old Converse Weapons while AC Slater (Mario Lopez) is hypebeast'ing with black on black on black. Shout out to you if you can accurately discern what they are, let us know and we'll give you a sticker or something. Fallon steals the show in Command Forces.

Even though he killed it with this one, I'd watch my back if I was Fallon, taking Screech's spot is probably a bad move. The last person to cross that goofball was stabbed with a switchblade.

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