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Jim Phillips' Screaming Hand Art Show Comes To Oz

To celebrate 30 years since Jim Phillips' bright blue 'Screaming Hand' first boggled brains and set a new standard for creative graphics in the skateboarding world, a bunch of esteemed artists have recreated the character for a world art tour. Forty-eight artists international artists, including the likes of Steve Caballero, Steve Olson, Natas Kaupus, Mark Gonzales, Benny Gold and Jason Jessee; plus 30-odd Aussie artists, including Beastman, Ben Brown, Buttons, Otis Carey, Rhys Cooper, Marcus Dixon, Elliott Numskull, and Sam Octigan have forged sculptures and prints that deserve a bit of your eyeball time. Melburnians still have a chance to take in the feast, with an exhibition showing at SoHigh Gallery in Windsor starting tomorrow and running through to Sunday. Get all the info here.

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