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Jerk Only Steals Right Foot Sneakers From Sneaker Store

Sneaker Thief Viginia 1

The list of sneaker crimes committed by half-witted offenders is a long one. There are the comical attempts (like the guys who tried to minutes after they stole them) and the , but heists like this are something else.

A thief who busted in to Virginian store Clean Soles helped no one, himself included, when he stole a grip full of , but only the right foot of each pair. Stories like this are common among clerks at chain stores. You’ll often hear of people who would take the right shoe from one store and the left from another, but Clean Soles’ offering is too specific for that to be fruitful. As store clerk Rob Wickham told The Roanoke Times, the robber was ‘risking their freedom for nothing’.

Watch him bumbling through his break-in below.

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