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23 Mar 2010

Industry News

Jeff Staple - Good To Be Great

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'Good To Be Great - Brand RMX' takes an up close and personal look into the inspirations and driving force behind one of streetwear's most valuable players, Jeff Staple. Listen in as he reflects on just how far his career has taken him and how he came to be where he is today. For all of you inspiring designers, or go-getters, this one is for you!

Brand RMX : EPISODE 2 pt 1/2 from R+I creative on Vimeo.


"Good to Great" (Brand RMX Episode 2) gives us a glimpse into Jeff Staple's foundations and work ethic from his early design career at Rawkus Records in the mid 90's to his becoming one of the most influential people in street culture today.

In addition to being the founder and the Creative Director of Staple Design (Reed Space, Nike, LVMH, Levi's, Sony, Kia Soul) since 1997, Jeff Staple is also the owner of the Reed Space shops which can be found in New York and Tokyo.

In this conversation, Staple manages to inspire through his wisdom and attention to detail while not coming off as being preachy.

It's all about the small details!"

23 Mar 2010

Industry News

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