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Jbf Customs Made Leather Gucci Mane X Yeezy 750 Boosts

JBF Customs have imagined what a leather Gucci x adidas Yeezy Boost 750 would look like, and the result is icy. The creation came to be after JBF’s Jacob Ferrato was given free reign by a client to do as he pleased with his 750s. Ferrato figured they’d pop with a pastiche of Gucci Mane’s cheek tattoo, and didn’t look back.

Judging by a post on JBF’s Instagram, the idea for the colab may be rooted in the Kanye featuring Gucci song, ‘Pussy Print’. Even if that's not the case, the shoe and song share heavy themes of opulence. Black Essex oiled leather abounds on the custom, reflecting shades of blue or yellow depending on light. Vegetable tanned leather will keep the owner’s feet feeling luxurious – and is also used on the pièce de résistance ice-cream, which is embossed and hand-painted.

If you like what you see – you can't have it. What you can do is head over to JBF's Custom Orders page, and begin talks about getting your own masterpiece made.

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