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Jay Z's Roc Boys Visit Snkr Frkr

Jay Z's Roc Boys hit up Sneaker Freaker this week, making the most of their day off from the killer Jay Z/U2 tour. Having been worded up by our mate Frank at Qubic, the fellas hit our office for a catch up and to get the latest on what's happening in the land of Freaker. With a quick stop off to refuel at Grill'd it was onto Nike HQ and a pit stop at the Nike Factory for some mega buys. Thanks to Matt Fabris for hooking the Boys up (and battling Anthony to a Qubic x G-Shock face off). It's dope to meet such down to earth guys, doing big things all over the world. Big ups to Omar, Tony, Anthony and Monty for rolling through and showing us love. 'The Roc Boys in the building tonight!!!'.

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