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Jason Markk 4.Oz Sneaker Cleaner

Jason Markk offers a 4 oz. version of their Premium Sneaker Solution Set. In addition to the kit's more compact size, the packaging has been completely redone - this time paying homage to the game of basketball. The ball motif is printed in metallic silver and is treated with a clear, raised UV that gives the ball design actual texture that you can see and feel!
The kit includes a 4oz. bottle, a slightly smaller, handcrafted wood brush with an oversized JM bubble logo laser-etched into the handle and an informative FAQs card. To coincide with the release, JM releases their '4 The Win!' Tee which retails for $20 and is available exclusively in the JM online shop. Only 50 pieces were created! The 4 oz. Premium Sneaker Solution Set retails for $15 and is available for purchase in the JM online shop.

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