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Jason Markk Shoe Cleaner In Australia

If you're struggling to get the guac together to fork out for a new release for that special sneakerhead in your life, maybe you should think about copping some shoe cleaner instead. Think about it, they've probably got a few kicks in their collection that they love but are so filthy they've dropped out of the rotation. A Jason Markk spit 'n shine will do the trick – it will be like giving them a new pair! Aussies are in luck, the Jason Markk holiday pack has just hit a heap of retailers, it comes in a pretty nifty gift box too. The full list of retailers is below.

Sneak & Destroy
Sure store
Saint Side
Highs and Lows

Da Klinic

For your chance to win your own kit head to our Win Win section. Hurry because our comp ends on Wednesday the 18th of December!

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