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Is Rihanna's Uncle Selling Bootleg PUMAs?

Rihanna Bootleg Sneaker Freaker 1Rihanna Bootleg Sneaker Freaker 1

You’d assume that anyone related to would get hooked up with free Bad Gal swag for life, but apparently not. Barbados newspaper Nation News has run an article alleging that RiRi’s uncle, Leroy Fitzgerald Braithwait, was nabbed for selling counterfeit products.

Apparently it was Rihann's own observation that led to the arrest. Nation News report that on a recent trip home to Barbados, RiRi saw the fakes for sale and reported it to a PUMA official, who then reported it to the police. Items said to be ripped off included slippers and t-shirts (seems the aren’t popping off in Barbados) valued at $1000 USD.

The verdict isn’t in yet, as court is adjourned until November 28, but the lesson to be learned he seems to be that you shouldn’t cross RiRi — even if you’re family.

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