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Is Colin Kaepernick Getting His Own Sneaker?

There’s not many public figures inspiring the kind of vehement rhetoric that Colin Kaepernick is at the moment. His recent linkup with Nike for the Just Do It campaign ignited support from artists and athletes, triggered the POTUS, and even had people lighting up their Nikes.

Still, the support of Kaepernick didn't put a dent in Nike's stocks, in fact, quite the opposite.

Nike’s now continuing their backing of Colin Kaepernick, with a long sleeve tee appearing on their website today. Retailing for $50, the apparel runs football-like letterform across the shoulders, with Nike’s new slogan printed on the sleeve: ‘Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything’.

LeBron James was first seen wearing the long sleeve at the Staples Center on October 4.


Will Nike follow up with a series of sneakers for Kaepernick? With apparel, advertisements and ongoing contractual support already sorted, it seems like Nike is keen to keep Kaepernick in the spotlight. A sneaker colab seems like a very strong possibility …

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