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Is 2018's 'The Ten' Just the Version Virgil Abloh Screwed up?

It’s recently come to light that Virgil Abloh’s ‘The Ten’ Nike collaboration will extend into 2018, but will next year’s releases just be this year’s scraps?

In his interview with Footwear News, Abloh speaks about how the release could have ‘totally missed the mark’ were it not for a last-minute change from an off-white colour to the bolder remix of classics such as the ‘Chicago’ Jays.

Just days later, an Air Jordan 1 wearing a creamy off-white has appeared with rumours that it will helm 2018’s The Ten.


Via Modern Notoriety

While it wasn’t Abloh’s first choice for release, the Jay is still heated. The DIY aesthetic works well, and against the pared-back palette tiny splashes of colour really pop.

If not a diffusion line, 2018’s drop could be Abloh’s version of his good friend Kanye’sThe Life of Pablo. Leonardo da Vinci said it best: 'Art is never finished, only abandoned.' A sentiment Kanye took to heart when releasing multiple versions of TLOP until he was, however fleetingly, satisfied.

In that sense, maybe this ongoing release of the The Ten will see Abloh honing ideas until he feels he has delivered the best sneaker collaboration possible.

Now ReadingIs 2018's 'The Ten' Just the Version Virgil Abloh Screwed up?

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