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Introducing The 'pro Shoey Tn' €

Ceramic sculptor Gatorbeug and the TN championing, lad culture celebrating Eshaygram have created a uniquely Australian ode to the Air Max Plus. The ‘Pro Shoey TN’ is a strange beast that, like the bunyip, is hard to understand if you’re not from Down Under. But we’ll try to explain.

There’s an enclave of Australians affectionately known as eshays. Though there are more nuances, they can typically be identified by the large quantities of Nautica and Polo worn with side bags, shorts and – their must-have footwear item – a pair of fresh TNs. Their ways may be divisive, but they’re somewhat the backbone of Australian street culture.

As an homage to their sincere passion for the Air Max Plus, Eshaygram and Gatorbeug have created this practical sculpture. The dual purpose art piece is a play on the ‘pro shoe’ and the act of doing a ‘shoey’, aka filling your shoe with beer and then drinking it. (It’s a thing). Once emptied, you can then use it as a ciggie-butt centre piece – perfect for placing between artwork and smoking paraphernalia alike.

If you would like to show support for revered Australian culture and tradition, you can get your own Pro Shoey TN from Gatorbeug’s online store. On ya.

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