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Introducing 'sneaker Grandma' - The Latest Shoe Celebrity

Gawdamnit! Ages back I said to my grandpa, 'Yo OG, Old G, I'm finna put all my funny lookin' fresh kicks on you and take heaps of photos and then put 'em on the Internet. Everyone will laugh and you'll become famous.' He said, 'Sounds splendid, I'll gladly partake.' Then his prostate went and blew up and now he only wears slippers. Good things come to those who don't wait, and someone has beaten me to it, creating 'Sneaker Grandma'. The Instagram account makes you believe a cute old lady has been a late bloomer in the shoe game and now chases feet heat to flex in while she's doing her daily rounds of cooking, coffee table book reading, phone calls to the grandchildren and, more oddly, gym lifting and selfies. She wears Jordans, LeBrons and Kobes and looks hella fly. The sneaks seem pretty big compared to her dainty legs though, and with captions like 'Wealth is health, gym is bank', we reckon there's a clever grandchild mastermind behind this one. We'll happily eat our words if it is real though. Enjoy the pics of Sneaker Grandma riding dirty above and follow her exploits here.

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