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Introducing 'slang', The Sneaker Swapping App

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We see a stack of sneaker-related smartphone apps pop up, they're mostly novel fun and fairly useless – a game app that was Fruit Ninja with sneakers instead of fruit comes to mind – but sometimes there are bright ideas too. We'll be definitely be keeping tabs on the growth of a new app that Complex has termed the 'Tinder for sneakers'. It's called  Slang, and we think it's probably less like Tinder than normal online-organised sneaker swaps, because this service means you don't have to meet the person whose feet have trodden in your new pair. You use the app to list pictures of a shoe you would like to swap for something you want, once you find something and the other party agrees, you ship your shoes to the Slang offices and they inspect them, make sure everything's gravy, then send them on to the final destination. That's bizarrely cheap when you consider it would probably cost slang at least 10 clams to send the pairs. No money changes hands between swappers. Hmmm, we wish these entrepreneurs the best of luck. Watch the explanatory video below, and look out for the cheeky rapper sneaker seller names. Hit Slang's website here.

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