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Introducing Pinqponq: Style, Function And Sustainability

Straight out of Germany, pinqponq is the kind of bag brand that comes up with the solution before you’ve even noticed the problem. You know when you cop a new camera, or drop a tonne of money on a laptop, then realise it won’t fit in the bag you already have? These guys are looking forward to build the future into their bags and in doing so have been combining style, function and sustainability for a couple of years now.

Each product that pinqponq produce is the result of a refined process – they filter ideas through lenses of fashion, lifestyle and demand to ensure everything is just right. Their inspiration comes from all over the place but at the end of the day all they bring to you is top quality carry goods, mixing up some classic colour combos with modern sensibilities. In their constant search for new and better ways to do things, pinqponq experiments with all kinds of materials to produce their one-of-a-kind Limited Edition range.

Each pinqponq product is made in Vietnam with fabrics derived from 100% recycled PET bottles and they’ve cut all toxic chemicals from the process. They keep a close eye on the conditions of their workers and maintain strong relationships with both their production line and local suppliers.

To find out more about pinqponq hit up their website and expand your mind.

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